– Why Now is the perfect time for Millennials to Buy

Although the real estate market nationally as well as locally here in Central Virginia, the lower priced homes have flat lined due to young people choosing not to buy at this time. For many, it is because they don’t have the wherewithal to even live on their own at this time because they don’t have a strong enough job or they are constrained by college debt. The misnomer some have though is that they need a bunch of cash or they can’t qualify for a loan. Listen to these two podcasts https://wina.com/podcasts/why-first-time-buyers-should-be-buying-a-home/ https://wina.com/podcasts/david-marotta-on-real-estate/ (as something you want in your financial portfolio) to see that this is just not the case. With home prices inching up and interest rates expected to rise in 2015, everyone renting or still living at home should see if now is the time for them to purchase a home.

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